About Us

Sub Saharan Turning Point was founded to identify the most critical areas of need and to formulate solutions. People of the Sub-Saharan have seen their personal defenses “crumble away” through war, hunger, or lack of effective government.  I believe we can make a difference in affected communities through education and active participation by organizations such as this.


  • Reduction or elimination of hunger- assisting farmers with seeds and farm tools, food bank initiative
  • Environmental- education on recycling and environmental pollutants such as plastic bags and  bottles, water ways pollution and deforestation.
  • Mental Health and Destigmatization- mental or brain health education, mentally challenged homelessness.
  • Boreholes for clean drinking water
  • Good Health and Well being-tackling rejection of the sick and dying by healthcare facilities and hospitals.

Ben-el is the president of the of the organization, a pharmacist by profession, and a member of African Christian Fellowship in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas. It is a community that models integrity, excellence, and compassion to mobilize and empower Africans worldwide to impact their generations and Africa. The association was responsible for organizing, commissioning and building a clinic/hospital in Samuel town, Sierra Leone.  For more information, logon to  www.acfusa.org

We also work with Achi Community in S/E Nigeria in their health care under takings and initiatives- to build a functional health care center where patients can be seen instead of in a school. Logon to their website for more information: www.achiassociationusa.org

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